Self-Esteem Affirmations

1. I am worthy of happiness

2. I am worthy of love

3. I am choosing inner peace over internal conflict

4. I believe in my skills and abilities

5. I make sound decisions

6. Life is a gift I choose to fill with joy

7. I have the knowledge to succeed

8. I do not need someone to feel complete

9 I treasure my imperfections

10. I am grateful to not be perfect

11. Every fiber of my being radiates positive energy

12 I am not a victim of my circumstances

13. I have the ability to grow and change

14. Every moment I am here is a gift

15. Because I believe in myself, so will others

16. I attract only healthy relationships

17. I am releasing negative thoughts

18. I trust in my abilities to love

19. I am not damaged or “sick”

20. I love that I am unique