The Philosophy Of Self-Love


Self-love is essential for your well-being. Without it you can fall into self-destructive habits. But, what is it? Well, self-love is accepting yourself unconditionally. It is embracing all your imperfection and loving all your quirks. It’s something you feel deep down in your core. You can’t really explain it, but you can experience it profoundly. Through self-love you can fully appreciate yourself. It gives you the strength to defy all odds.

self-loveUnfortunately, self-love is not easily attained in a world that points out all your imperfections. It’s a quality that many of us are stripped of the moment we are born. Society tells you to be yourself, and the moment you do, you are mocked. You live in a world where you are constantly bombarded with all kinds of propaganda. That sells the illusion of what you should be and when you don’t fulfill those characteristics, you feel unsatisfied.

Not only that, but the actions of others define how much love you have for yourself. People can be toxic for your well-being. Giving power to these individuals is detrimental because the moment they push you away or invalidate your feelings, is moment you renounce self-love. Sadly, people’s opinions can overpower your authenticity. People have different believes of who you should be and if you allow their opinions to cloud your individuality. Then you will feel unhappy with yourself.

But, what can you do to change this? First, become aware of your inner voice. What are your thoughts made of? Notice how it makes you feel. Are you obsessing over your imperfections? Are you repeatedly putting your self down? Is there anything you can’t let go of? Analyze what your consciousness is telling you. Then take control of your inner voice by empowering yourself through mindful thinking. Observe your thought patterns and when you catch yourself thinking negatively. Say, “No” and follow that with an encouraging statement or affirmation.

self-loveIf it’s challenging to change your inner voice, then ask yourself what you would tell a child who was in your position. You wouldn’t be harsh with your words, would you? Then repeat to yourself that same statement and before you know it your thought pattern will have shifted. The brain is flexible and can create new neurons that will strengthen positive thinking, while weakening negative ones through a process call neuroplasticity.

As your thinking changes you will start loving yourself emotionally and physically. Keep in mind that not only should you feel love for yourself, but you should take action. Ask yourself what would you do for family and friends? Would you take them to the movies or give them a gift? Do all those things for yourself and everything else will fall into place.

Self-love is crucial for your happiness. It influences all of your actions. It dictates how well you will cruise through life. So, don’t allow the opinion of others to mandate who you are. Embrace yourself, because you are unique, valued, loved and deserving of respect.

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