Determination Beats Motivation


Have you asked yourself why you start something only to stop halfway? Is it challenging for you to stick to your goals? Are your dreams farther than ever? You might be lacking determination. You see motivation is what gets you started. It’s the initial thrust that pushes you towards completing a task. Motivation sparks your dream, but determination allows you to finish what you started. Let’s look at the synonyms of both to visualize the differences:

determinationMotivation: impulse / inclination / motive / interest / encouragement / wish / aim

Determination: dedication / persistence / willpower / fortitude / valor / drive / perseverance / stamina / endurance

Most of us are taught only about motivation because it’s expressive. It’s easy to grasp. Why do you think there are so many motivational speakers, and no determination speakers? It’s because motivation is easy, but determination isn’t. Expressing what you are motivated to do isn’t the problem. The challenge lies in having persistence when all motivation flies out the window. But, don’t worry because both can be used together. The correct kind of motivation will fortify your determination, and this is done is four steps:

  1. determinationInterest: For your goals and dreams to come true, you need to search inwardly. Look for things that truly interest you. Something that fulfills you when perusing it.
  2. Motivation: After discovering what you would like to dedicate your time to. Think about how you would like to express it. Ask yourself, what type of action is needed? Do research, look up role models, watch YouTube videos, buy books, and speak to the right people who can point you towards the right direction.
  3. Discipline: Create a plan and stick to it. If you want to be successful you need the correct mindset, have the energy to do so, and put in the time needed. Your mindset depends on how you visualize the path to your goal? Are you envisioning it like a hassle or a challenge? Are you waking up at dawn or are you sleeping in? Are you putting in all the work or are you taking shortcuts? All these questions are essential if you truly want to accomplish something.
  4. Determination: This final step will make you or break you. If you don’t really want it then you are not determined. Determination gives you the endurance to push through all the doubts, late nights, failures, rejections, struggles, disappointments, and sacrifices that you will face. Determination will hold you accountable for your actions.

Don’t fall into misleading information out there, that promises you instant victory will little effort. No dream comes true by procrastinating. You will have to work hard, put in long hours, and make numerous sacrifices to get there. Think of determination as an inner light that always points to the right direction. If you want to accomplish big dreams you will have to think like a lion that is hunting its prey. Here is a quote by Og Mandino, that stuck to me:

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

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