Confidence Affirmations

21.) Every day I become more confident, powerful, and assertive.

22.) I control all situations in my life.

23.) I do things with purpose and confidence.

24.) I  accomplish everything I set out to do.

25.) I easily handle any task that arises.

26.) I am becoming more sure of myself with each passing day.

27.) I easily handle anything that comes my way.

28.) I  handle everything that comes up today.

29.) I am starting to confidently assert my thoughts and opinions.

30.) I stand up for my rights.

31.) I easily handle whatever comes my way.

32.) I  in my ability to create my perfect life.

33.) I am free of all fears of failure.

34.) I am upwardly mobile.

35.) I am very confident of my abilities and knowledge.

36.) I am confident and determined.

37.) I am transforming into someone who always stands up for what they believe in.

38.) I am wise and confident in all matters.

39.) I approve of myself 100%.

40.) Confidence comes naturally to me.