Confidence Affirmations

1.) I am the embodiment of certainty.

2.) I boldly go after what I want in life.

3.) I am at ease with myself and others.

4.) Today and always, I am fearless.

5.) I am outgoing and confident in social situations

6.) I am  at ease with myself and with others.

7.) Others look up to me as a leader because of my confidence.

8.) I am comfortable with myself and enjoy time alone.

9.) I am  confident in all situations.

10.) I am  confident in all that I do.

11.) I confidently speak my mind without hesitation

12.) I am totally confident in my ability to handle anything that arises.

13.) I am  relaxed and sure in all that I do.

14.) My confidence is increasing.

15.) I am  self-confident in all that I do.

16.) I confidently uphold my values and principles.

17.) I conquer all doubts with my unwavering confidence.

18.) Today and always, I am fearless.

19.) I constantly exceed my own expectations.

20.) I will always believe in myself and my ability to succeed.