Love Affirmations

81.) I am attracting a loving, supportive soulmate.

82.) My soul mate and I are aligned spiritually.

83.) I feel safe and secure when I am with my perfect soul mate,

84.) I will know my soul mate the instant we meet.

85.) I feel awakened now that I have met my soulmate.

86.) My spirit and soul is ready to meet the perfect partner.

87.) My love partner is successful and abundant.

88.) My soul mate and I are perfectly aligned physically.

89.) I can sense deeply that there is 1 special person I am meant to be with.

90.) I have created room in my life for my soulmate.

91.) I am thankful that the universe has provided me with the perfect soulmate.

92.) My soul mate and I are perfectly aligned sexually.

93.) My life partner has strong integrity and character.

94.) Others see me as someone they’d like to get to know more.

95.) When I meet my soul mate, I’ll just naturally know.

96.) My perfect partner loves to experience new things.

97.) My soul mate and I are aligned emotionally.

98.) I am the perfect partner for my soulmate.

99.) My partner and I love and respect each other’s differences.

100.) The partner that I seek is also seeking me.

101.) My love partner is compassionate, kind and understanding.

102.) I listen to my love partner with genuine interest.