Love Affirmations

41.) A loving relationship now brightens my life.

42.) Divine Timing is making sure that my Twin Flame and I come together in the best of all possible moments.

43.) I am in the perfect relationship for me.

44.) Love surrounds me every day in every way.

45.) My soulmate brings peace to my mind.

46.) I am lovable and worthy of receiving love.

47.) My mind is totally focused on attracting my soul mate.

48.) My perfect partner and I are connected spiritually.

49.) My soul mate and I will be together.

50.) I verbalize my respect and admiration for my soul mate daily.

51.) I am open to experiencing love in my life.

52.) I express my beauty from the inside out.

53.) My life is filled with passion and romance.

54.) I feel joyous now that I have met my soul mate..

55.) I release the past and let love flow into my life.

56.) I trust my partner completely.

57.) I say hello to true love.

58.) I am attracting my soul mate more with each day.

59.) I am magnetic and irresistible to my soulmate.

60.) I attract the love that I desire.