Friendship Affirmations

41.) I am now willing to accept a happy, fulfilling relationships.

42.) I am a loyal and trusted friend.

43.) I can always count on my friends.

44.) I expect great relationships; therefore that’s what I receive.

45.) I’m free from being lonely with so many people close by.

46.) I regularly tell my friends how much I love and appreciate them.

47.) I can easily be myself around my friends.

48.) I have wonderful friends who are kind, loyal, supportive, and trustworthy.

49.) I make people feel at ease.

50.)  My friends are always there when I need them.

51.) I know that my relationships are mirrors that show me my true self.

52.) I harmoniously resolve conflicts with my friend for the highest good within each of us.

53.) I am a supportive and dependable friend.

54.) I always meet the most interesting people.

55.) I nourish my relationships with love and caring.

56.) I seek friendships with those people who inspire me.

57.) I concentrate on my friends’ good qualities.

58.) I have high quality friendships.

59.) I have complete faith in my friends.