Friendship Affirmations

21.) I attract genuine friendships into my life.

22.) My friends are legion.

23.) I create wonderful lasting relationships with people.

24.) My friends are like family to me.

25.) I naturally attract positive relationships into my life.

26.) All relationships in my life are harmonious and empowering.

27.) I choose to be accepted by my peers.

28.) I nurture all positive relationships in my life.

29.) I attract fun-loving, outgoing people.

30.) I love doing little things to cheer my friends up.

31.) I find exciting, like-minded friends every day.

32.) It’s okay to have my friendships change.

33.) I am a compassionate and supportive friend.

34.) I’m happy with all of my current relationships.

35.) Every day I welcome more friendship into my life.

36.) When friendships end I send them peace.

37.) I mix well with other people.

38.) I bring out the best in others.

39.) I am grateful for the friends I have.

40.) I have an abundance of quality relationships.